There are countless websites out in cyber land. On this site we have linked many that will help you find out what is happening to or on the Carmel River. Here you will find links from real-time local rainfall to river conditions as well as links to some like-minded organizations.


Fish Counts:

Los Padres Dam Fish Counts:

Historic San Clemente Dam Fish Counts:

Trends in steelhead numbers:


Carmel River Conditions:

MPWMD Historic River Flows:

MPWMD Lagoon levels:

USGS river flow Robles del Rio Bridge:

USGS river flow Via Mallorca Bridge:

Hastings, Finch Creek flow:

CDEC Carmel Lagoon height:

CDEC real time rainfall map:

CDEC river height forecast:


Like-Minded Organizations:

Carmel Watershed Conversancy webpage:

Big Sur Land Trust

Monterey Bay Trout and Salmon Project