Advocating for Steelhead for 50 Years

Carmel River Steelhead Association

Since its founding in 1974 the CRSA has accomplished much to benefit the native steelhead of the Carmel River

The mission of the Carmel River Steelhead Association (CRSA) is the restoration and conservation of the federally threatened steelhead fishery on the Carmel River and its watershed. The primary goal is to return the Carmel River watershed to as natural a state as possible so that it will maintain an annual run of adult steelhead in excess of 2,000 fish.

One extremely important annual project is the rescue of fingerlings in the lower river and tributaries as water dries up in the summer. Since the organization’s formation, CRSA members have volunteered an average of 500 hours per year and rescued approximately 10,000 young steelhead per year. These tiny fish are put in the lagoon or areas of the river where there is a chance for survival.

Fish Rescues

For over 30 years CRSA has rescued stranded fish from drying stretches of the Carmel River and its tributaries. Learn more about this important program.

Water Advocacy

With so many people and agencies wanting water, someone must advocate for water for fish. CRSA has done this since its inception by education, pleading, negotiating, arm-turning and if necessary, legal action. Learn more about how we speak for fish.

Habitat Improvement

In 1997 the Carmel River was listed as one of the ten most endangered rivers in the United States. There were many reasons for this listing including loss of habitat for steelhead. CRSA has worked for over forty years to rebuild habitat for steelhead and other species.

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