About the Carmel River Steelhead Association

The Carmel River Steelhead Association (CRSA) was formed in 1974. There are very few minutes or notes about the early years because the focus was protecting steelhead and not record keeping. It appears that Richard Hughett and Ray Wermuth are principally credited with formation.

CRSA received its current 501 (c) (3) status on March 8, 1988 when it obtained the IRS Tax Identification Number (TIN) 77-0093979. From that date on CRSA has followed the rules for a Charitable Trust.

From the beginning the mission of CRSA has been protecting Carmel River steelhead and that mission continues today. As listed in our current bylaws:

The purpose of this association is the restoration and conservation of the South-Central Coastal District Population Segment of California steelhead trout; In particular the recovery and conservation of the native steelhead run on the Carmel River.

Over the decades CRSA has been the leader in advocating for federally threatened steelhead, pushing for habitat improvements for steelhead, rescuing and rearing steelhead, and informing the public about conditions affecting steelhead.

CRSA is the only organization working on the Carmel River whose focus is only steelhead. CRSA is the only organization that does not have a conflict of interest or mission. CRSA is the only organization not paid to protect steelhead. Because of this, CRSA is in the unique position of being the lead speaker for the Carmel River run of steelhead.

Throughout the years CRSA has:

  • Rescued fish, reared fingerlings to smolt, reared smolt to adults, spawned adults and returned the offspring to the river
  • Led the legal fight to provide adequate water and improved conditions for steelhead
  • Worked to improve the habitat for steelhead from Los Padres Dam to the lagoon

Please look through our website to see all CRSA has done and consider becoming a part of our organization.

CRSA Officers:
President: Steve Park
Past President: Brian LeNeve
Vice President: Frank Emerson
Treasurer:  Brian LeNeve
Secretary: James C. Jeffery III
Conservation Chair: Brian LeNeve

CRSA Board of Directors:
Robert Stoddard
Tom Pelikan
James C Jeffery III
Luke Coletti
Eric Scarr
Miranda A. Taylor
Hallie Heath

If you have a question or comment we would love to hear from you!

Carmel River Steelhead Association
P.O. Box 1183
Monterey, CA 93942

Carmel River Steelhead Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. EIN/Tax ID # 77-0093979